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Acqua Marketing Group was created by experienced entrepreneurs with over 30 years of expertise in sales, marketing and growing business revenue. As business owners ourselves,  we know what it take for small businesses to be successful and win over their competition.  We have been involved with small businesses and have helped them achieve hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales utilizing new inbound marketing techniques and strategies that get highly targeted customers to their business with out wasted, excessive marketing costs.

Our years of experience can help you dominate your specific local business market by incorporating theses new world Internet, online marketing technologies and techniques as an essential part of your small business promotional activity.  As smart business owner it has never been more important then now, to take advantage of modern day marketing tactics when promoting their business.

What is internet marketing? 

Internet marketing refers to the marketing and promotion of products and services through the use of internet to attract targeted customers to one’s business.

It could range from simple online classified ads or online advertising like pay per click,  media buys, or email marketing activities, geared at improving a business website’s visibility on free organic search engine results through search engine optimization or (SEO).

The implementation of effective (SEO) strategies and techniques by far offers the best ROI for a business as compared to paid traffic sources, because other paid sources stop your online visibility visibility the moment you cease paying for traffic,  while a well-optimized inbound marketing web presence continues to drive free targeted leads from the search engines for the years to come.

The best way to attract customers online is to show up in front of the people who are searching for what you do, the most common mistake small business owners make is to assume that their potential customers are typing in their business name rather than the problem they need to solve.

If you’re like most small business owners, you either:

  • Don’t have a website.
  • Have a sharp looking website that doesn’t appear on search engine results.
  • Your website ranks for your business name, but not for the words your potential customers are typing to search for businesses like yours.
  • Don’t think that internet marketing is beneficial to your offline business.

While you’re stuck with those reasons, your competitors and thousands of other businesses are silently enjoying all the online leads and new business from the free search engine results.

Is your website optimized to be found in search engine results to give your business maximum visibility on the internet?

If your business isn’t visible, you’re losing these potential customers over to your competitors who have invested in an effective web presence generating free search engine results.


Acqua Marketing Group, Internet Marketing Services for Small Business


Internet Marketing Services that specialize in organic and local (SEO) to effectively position your business in front of the eyes of customers searching for your products or services.

If you’re ready to be visible on search results for terms your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours online and attract free targeted leads to your business, feel free to contact Acqua Marketing Group today to talk about how you can improve your companies visibility on the search engines and dominate your competition and local market !


What Makes Us Different ?

What makes us different is that you aren’t paying for a huge company with excessive staff to handle your account and this is a good thing!  You might be tempted with the promise have having a big team work on your website but this would be a mistake. What you want is our personalized man gang. You don’t want to leave your SEO and website design to a team of people all waiting on the other person and no one really knowing what they are doing. Think about it. If you are making an amazing dinner do you want to leave it up to one person to cook the meat, the other to make the starch, one to do the vegetables, and one to finish the desert. How cohesive would that dinner be? Nothing would really fit together like if one person designed the dinner alongside another person. Well that is what we are a husband and wife that has teamed up to work alongside each other to offer your business what it really needs – results.

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We have the kind of seo results that deliver featured on our portfolio page. Another thing that makes Acqua Marketing Group different is our passion. Rather than tell you want we can do, we want you to tell us what you want. Unlike other companies that what to give you a standard one size fits all package and just have you sign on the dotted thing, we want to give your business what it needs. What you ultimately want is customers, a return on your investment. That’s what we provide. We pride ourselves with an easy and open mind, you can give us some ideas and we will help you take those ideas to the next level.

Our services are detailed more on our services page, however, we start with analyzing your website in comparison to your competition. We look at things like the power, page rank, domain and page authority of the websites linking to yours, the anchor text of your back links, and where they come from, because back links can affect and boost your website’s search rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. We’ll look at your website from a prospective customer’s point of view, focusing on conversions. We will combine our detailed analysis of both on page and off page SEO Search engine Optimization to come up with a campaign just for you, and your budget.

This dedication to creating a future marketing plan as well with ideas on how to expand their business puts you ahead of the competition with a plan and a secret weapon, Acqua Marketing Group SEO Services.

Bottom line is if you want to increase your profits, have more customers calling, buying and walking through your door, or you are looking for a killer website design that actually converts then you need Acqua Marketing Group’s  Seo Internet Marketing service.