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Acqua Marketing Group is focused on traffic and Lead Generation, because your business success depends upon a consistent ongoing supply of target leads and new customers.internet marketing service

In today’s economy, old traditional forms of advertising, like Newspapers and Yellow Pages do not work like they used to, and outdated traditional advertising shot gun methods target very large groups of people in an attempt to get the attention to what you sell, and these consumers are already bombarded with too much information.

In this new era of Social Media and Internet Marketing, it is crucial for a business to create a complete online strategy that incorporates all aspects of Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social media properties into one cohesive marketing plan in order for you to effectively position your business in front of the searching eyes of customers looking to buy the products and services you sell.

it is a never ending process for business owners to find ways to increase revenue for your business, and a profitable online website or traffic generation program can help.  If your business is not currently online, or if your not using internet marketing techniques to generate traffic, then you are just throwing away sales and revenue to your competitors.

According to Seomoz “In 2013, Google received more than 3 billion daily searches from around the world, and that number is only growing.”

hire an seo company Naperville The size of your business and whether your Local or nationwide doesn’t matter, because you can benefit from the traffic what these customers are searching for!  Answers.      Acqua Marketing Group’s SEO online Marketing Services can help you get more highly targeted customers to your business, customers that are ready to buy your service or product. The new Reality is that very few customers are opening up their phone books or reading newspapers anymore. What 95 % of them are doing, however, is turning to Google and other search engines to fulfill the need and find what they are looking for.

Whether you offer a physical product, or your a lawyer, Lawn company or have a practice such as dentistry, people are looking for your services, or maybe you want national buyers to come to your e-commerce shop to buy what you are selling,  there is a way to get your more business and that means more customers.
We can get Your Business In Front Of Highly Targeted Buyers
When your customers are searching on Google, either on their smartphone, tablet or their PC computer, can they find your website? Go ahead and find out !  Search your business and your city. For example dentist  Plainfield. How about other search terms people might be looking for, such as Tooth Whitening Dentist Naperville, or cosmetic dentist in Oswego. When you search for these terms and If you aren’t found at the top of page one you are losing a lot of business!

Converting Website Visitors Into Sales

  • Websites need traffic and to get that traffic to do what you want them to do, and if your website doesn’t get your visitors doing what you want them to it’s useless. What are you trying to accomplish ? Do you want them to call a telephone number, fill out a contact form, or buy something?  We not only showcase this in a visually appealing way but we create value around it for your potential customers.

Turn Your Business Into An Authority

  • Customers want to trust the product or service they want to buy, and where they spend their money is something they control. Google gives ranking credit for businesses that are the authority. What makes you an authority? Well that is different for each business and that difference might involve real customer reviews, Highlighting your informative knowledge and content, or add trust by demonstrating your product or service in action. What ever it is we can help you increase your authority position and give Google and your website visitors what they want.

Engage your Customers and Search Engines

  • Each and every visitor to your website has a specific need their looking to solve, an answer they want to get. The content and information on your website needs to be personalize to meet that need and fulfill it. A website that engages your customer is something search engines respond to, a website that gives your visitors easy ways to find help gives you authority. We can help you craft your website into something that benefits your customers and dramatically boosts your search rankings in Google and other search engines.

Outside The Box Thinking

  • Depending on your type of business and the level of competitiveness,  you need to give your business an edge by thinking outside the box. If you are in a visual business, like a restaurant, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest posts may add value to your business and spread the word. If your business is consulting or real estate developing a maybe a podcast or Video could bring in additional clients.  There is no set one way to create the best SEO Internet marketing service.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

  • We all know in real estate it is location, location, location. In the online world it is all about the targeted keywords. It is important that we make sure your website is being found for all the related search terms and keywords that fit your business niche,  so that we bring in the most visitors to your websites that we can.   We will do a detailed Keyword analysis to determine the proper plan of attack.