Search Engine Optimization

Acqua Marketing Group believes in creating an SEO strategy with the industry’s latest and most effective Online Marketing practices.

Great SEO strategy that covers both (on-page and off page) is essential when looking to optimize your company’s digital presence in the online world. With our SEO services our goal is complete local market domination! We will help your website and local Social web platforms rank high in all search properties, such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Twitter,  and Facebook to generate more targeted traffic to your business and convert more leads to customers.
To be successful in business today It is essential to work with an Online Internet Marketing team that takes the time to get to know and understand your business in order to create a strategic SEO plan that makes sense and provides you a high ROI on your investment in digital marketing dollars.


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Acqua Marketing Group has a proven success formula that delivers a successful outcome for our clients.

Our highly effective integrated SEO Online marketing approach optimizes content, Social Media, press releases, online directories and unique off line methods to build your company’s brand foundation through a multitude of channels from the ground up, delivering increased traffic and Sales.

We understand the New SEO Practices

There was a lot of buzz in the online world about GOOGLE’s Penguin update of 2013. This was Google’s attempt at eliminating Web Spam or unethical manipulative Black Hat SEO tactics, something that Acqua Marketing Group has never participated in. So many customers and marketers were outraged due to front page listings now in existent, which led to phones not ringing and companies completely off the grid. This is why Acqua Marketing Group believes in building a strong foundation from the ground floor up with tested, proven techniques that give Google exactly what they are looking for and providing you with Save high Rankings.


Integrated Marketing and The New Normal Of Search Engine Optimization

Integrated Marketing combines different on and off line approaches with one end goal in mind to drive targeted traffic, capture leads or phone calls and convert new customers with a long term vision in mind.

Over the last ten years, there has been a shift in the way consumers make decisions to buy. We are now in the Era of “content” marketing where consumers seek out consistent information of value which will help educate and influence their buying behaviors. Consumers are looking to buy from brands that are recognized, trusted and visible in the online market sphere, and we will help you build that Authority.


Acqua Marketing Group has successful proven methods for navigating and establishing a robust SEO campaign and integrated marketing plan to dominate Search for your company.

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