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Advertising platforms on Social Media are now part of the new normal

of Online Digital Marketing.

Did you know that Facebook reportedly has 1.15 billion active monthly users, Twitter over 49 million active tweeters and the largest professional network in the world LinkedIn now has a huge 225 million active monthly users!  Where does your Local business fit in this Online conversation? If you want to grow your business and compete successfully in today’s competitive marketplace you will need to have a voice and presence within these online communities.



Help Me Increase My Social Presence


The social media landscape may be one of the only things evolving faster than your audiences.

In fact, for more and more people, social media interaction is at the very core of their online experiences. That makes Social Media Marketing more than just a requirement – it needs to be a central component of your overall digital marketing strategy, often embedded within the enterprise and integrated across marketing functions and media channels, but with a real-time approach.

At Acqua Marketing Group, we align your Social Media strategy with your overall marketing goals and strategies, with your identity, and with your marketing communications.

We ensure that your true voice comes through in all your Social Media initiatives by starting with the power of data and insights, including those coming from search. Best-of-breed and custom-developed platforms are leveraged to understand audience intent, interests, passions, engagement and sharing and translate this into relevant, real-time messaging.

Discovering your customers’ interests, motivations and behaviors drive the

Social Media programs we create and manage for your brand.

We understand that effective Social Media Marketing is a conversation with your audiences,

often requiring more listening than talking.

Our real-time social advertising services quickly recognize when social trends are occurring

and amplify engagement, conversations and actions (ex: fan/follower acquisition, conversions),

helping build trust for your brand among today’s empowered customer.



It’s nice to be “liked” and “followed,” but it’s more important to be a trusted resource, especially when you’re building a future business platform.

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Our “Paid” Social Media Advertising services reach and target across your various audience segments.

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Help Me Increase My Social Presence