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Telecom Sales Agents and Value Added Resellers...

Get More Leads. Website Traffic, Phone Calls and Revenue.
Telecom Sales Agents Instantly get more targeted sales leads for the products and services you represent and sell in your local city or State....
Lead and Traffic Generation Services:
We deliver Targeted City and State Specific Telecom Service and Phone Systems traffic Instantly to your Website or Lead page ! Traffic goes direct to your website or phone number.
With 30 years of Expertise in Telecom Sales and lead generation we understand the Sales Agent Model, Keywords and needs of the Telecom Agent Channel.
Dominate your local competition with multiple first page search engine rankings for Targeted Traffic, and push your competitors off page one.
Create a custom Lead Generation Video for your business and Local Markets.
Step in front of Targeted buyers of telecom Services and Systems in your city and State !
85% of all Telecom buyers are starting on the Internet when looking to purchase Telephone, internet Services or Telephone Systems for their Business and most buyers are looking for a local Solution to their problem..

Local Phone Service

Pots LInes

PRI - T-1

Integrated Access

SIP Trunking

Internet Access
Cable access
Dedicated internet T-1

Business Phone Systems

Key Sytems

PBX system

IP - PBX systems

Virtual PBX Service

Hosted Voip Service

Virtual PBX

Cloud Based Systems

As experts in Telecom Marketing, SEO, Video and Social Media Marketing we will help get your Sales Agency more sales opportunities in your area...
Why are we different then all the other SEO offers you have heard ?  We already have 1000's of Search Engine Rankings already, and we constantly work on more sites and Results everyday...
Acqua Marketing Group already has many nationwide Lead generation web sites getting traffic!
1000's of first page Google and other Search Engine Listings for Telecom related keywords to Instantly drive local Search Traffic directly to your company to be sold !
Lead Generation Websites...
There are over 1.2 million monthly searches by businesses for Telecom related keywords for Service, Internet Access and phone Systems, and these businesses are looking for local help to solve their specific needs and requirements. Acqua Marketing Group has created Hundreds of Lead generation websites that are already targeting this traffic with multiple first page Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine rankings for cities nationwide. These targeted telecom keywords attract local buyers of the products and services you as a Sales Agency sell. Since we already rank for these terms, we can instantly direct or point this traffic flow of buyers from our websites directly to your sales agency getting you lead traffic in the city, city's or the State you wish to get traffic from. Acqua Marketing Group's power in creating these huge nationwide websites allows us to rank more easily for our clients and provide traffic generation at National level for our local customers...
Local Lead Generation Video's for your Business..
People love Video's and Search engine like Google love it too,  Acqua Marketing Group will create localized Lead Generation Video's for your business and its services to increase you brand awareness, improve SERP rankings and drive leads and phone calls to your business..
Get in the Google 7 Pack ...
Customers like to use a local business and solution for the products and services they want or need, Google understands this and So do we... Increase your targeted traffic and the sales revenue of your Sales agency by getting your business ranking in the Google 7 Pack.  Customers looking for your services can just click and call your business with one search, Google estimates a 61% increase in clicks through rates and calls for businesses ranking locally.  There are only 7 available positions for businesses in the 7 pack for local keyword searches, Acqua Marketing Group will help make yours one of them.. 
That’s Cool... But What Else Can Acqua Marketing Do?
As a full service Online Marketing, SEO company that specializes in Telecom... We act as your Marketing Department so you can focus on growing your business, while we focus on Lead Generation, Corporate Branding, content and Social Media marketing to help Increasing your revenues..

Lead Generation and Corporate Video Creation
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SEO Optimization and Keyword Targeting
Search Optimization of both On and Off Page SEO to help drive very targeted traffic, web visits and phone calls to your Telecom business

Social Media Marketing and Content creation
Using all areas of Social Media to create a message and conversation across all platforms to drive more leads and Brand recognition to your company

Pay Per Click Ad Creation, optimization and Campaign Management
Using PPC networks to get instant and highly target buyers to your web site, Experts at ad Creation, Optimization of PPC ad campaigns to get maximum return on your ad spends.
Acqua Marketing Group will build out the landing pages as well to Help you with Lead Capture!
A proper Landing page is crucial to your businesses success at capturing leads and increasing sales..
Simple Landing Pages
We can create simple image Landing Pages targeting your specific product and offers..
Video Landing Pages...
Tell your story with a short Video about your offer, Product or Service...
Opt-in Splash Page
Capture Leads and Email addresses by giving away Valuable Information to potential Customers..
Custom Offer Landing Pages
Create a product specific offer that website visitors will see when they click on your lead generation links
With Acqua Marketing Group we create the traffic flow and can point it anywhere you want.
No need to wait months and years trying to rank your local website for hard search terms, when we do the work for you.
Instantly have Search traffic directed to any website or landing page you want !  Create a different Landing page for each category or Product you sell making the experience for your client easy to get the information they want. Test different offers, Change Promotions or Carriers as needed to sell more customers,  It doesn't matter what you are trying to do we have the flexibility to get it done.  

SEO Traffic

 Tell Acqua Marketing Group the City, Cities or States you want for Traffic Generation Service in and well do the rest..

Get Acqua Marketing Group's Target sales traffic starting as low as $27/month...
Secure your Local City and/or State's Search Traffic NOW Take Control of your business by letting us help you grow you business…
$27/month per Lead site url pointed at your business or landing Page..
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What makes you different then other SEO Companies?
For starters we are experts in the Telecommunications industry with 30 years experience and use these exact programs for our own businesses, We don't use spammy unsafe techniques to drive Results like your fly by night SEO companies.  We are a full service online, internet marketing company that give the search engines exactly what they want to see. 

How can you provide me Instant Traffic?
Unlike other companies, we already have 100's of ranking websites with 1000's of single and multiple 1st page Listings across the country targeting High traffic Telecom keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo Search engines.  Our unique Software lets us immediately direct these ranking URLS to whatever website or landing page we want....

What do I have to do to get started?
You will want to pick out your Target Product and Service Keywords, and then your City, Cities and/or State in where you would like to receive website traffic from.  We will determine how many active URLS are available for lease in your target market areas and re-direct traffic accordingly.  

What are the cost and do I have to sign a contract?
No long term contracts, you can cancel at anytime and lease rates start as low as $ 27 per month/per URL.  You can lease as many as or as few pages as you want depending on your budget.  There is no faster way to get potential sales and targeted traffic.  
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