Mobilegeddon is Coming Is you Website Mobile Ready

mobilegeddon_Mobile_readyIf your a Business owner or webmasters managing websites Google’s Mobilegeddon update is fast approaching, are you aware that Starting April 21, Google will be making rolling out one of their biggest algorithm changes that the website world has ever seen. We all know the importance of mobile traffic, it’s as high as 60% of all search engine traffic these days and growing.

Google’s been talking about it for sometime now and judgement day is nearing fast. They will be expanding their use of a websites mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. This change is huge and it will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in a websites search results.”

Does your website meet the Mobile-Friendly test? Even if your website passes today, there’s no guarantee that it will continue to stand up to future changes. Staying on top of mobile search trends needs to be a priority item for businesses.

Are you ready ?

  • Ensure the mobile version of your site is active and functional. Responsive designs are the most popular, but you can also have a separate hosted mobile version of your site. Google doesn’t have a preference, as long as mobile users’ experience isn’t interrupted.
  • Ensure Google’s mobile bots can crawl your site. If Google can’t see it, it may as well not even be there.
  • Check each individual page of your site on a mobile device to ensure navigability. Just because your home page is mobile friendly doesn’t mean the rest of your site is.

Mobile designs may not be fully compatible with future mobile browsers or devices. Responsive websites, on the other hand, will most likely be able to work with newer browsers and devices, so they’re more of a one-time investment.

Search trend is growing mobile

Estimates now show, that more than 60 percent of all Google searches are performed on a type of mobile device, 60 % ! So it only makes sense that Google would want to capitalize on this types of traffic and ensure the best possible experience for its users.

In addition to the upcoming algorithm update, Google is already rolling out ranking changes based on information from indexed apps of signed-in users. This trend may have significant impact on how search results are displayed to users as well as what website is displayed in the search results. While traditional search results exclusively display websites, future search results could focus on apps and other mobile tools.

However, the search results progress going forward, it’s clear that the companies who focus on mobile users best will earn the most visibility in Google search rankings.

This April 21, 2015 Google’s update looks to be the biggest mobile-related algorithm change any of us have ever seen, and I would bet that it isn’t going to be the last. You could lose out on massive amounts of search traffic if your website is not mobile friendly by April 21st, If you don’t have a mobile version of your site in place by April 21, your search visibility could be seriously hindered.

Don’t lose out on all that search traffic and website rankings !


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