Video Marketing

Videos for Business

A small business needs Video these days to keep pace and remain competitive with the competition and continue to grow sales.  Video Marketing services from Acqua Marketing Group can help showcase your company, it’s products and services and help you drive traffic and sales to your business just like that of larger national company’s.


Video marketing can influence customer purchases

By utilizing video content marketing, businesses are able to dramatically improve the success of websites and online marketing campaigns. The most important is engaging video content that will likely keep visitors around you website and offers for longer periods of time improving not only search results but conversions as well.


Video content is critical for SEO link building

Since Content marketing is a critical part of search engine optimization,  video content can be used to generate inbound links and more web traffic.  And videos can rank all by themselves to drive leads for your business by sending traffic to your website,or getting phone calls or customers in the door Video Marketing can be a big help.

The SEO benefit ca nbe very effective because, Videos get shared by people all around the web, and at Acqua Marketing Group we include rich descriptions and keywords optimization in the video titles to drive beneficial SEO results from the video platforms search engine visibility and a ranking listing on the video results section of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Additionally, by properly adding text transcripts of the video content posted on a website can drastically improve the SEO value it has for the website. By pairing up video and written content, it has proven to be a strong SEO strategy for businesses, with video listings appearing in the top 100 listings for more than 70 percent of searches.

Branded video content

For content to stand out, a business must differentiate their content and material from other companies, and competitors. Some methods that have worked are innovative series that develop fictional characters or storylines centered around a specific product or serve as how to’s guide that establishes industry leadership.

More examples of successful branded video content include:

Main video distribution platforms

Video hosting can be difficult for a business, however, using several video-sharing websites can help companies lessen the technical requirements and integrate video with social media marketing campaigns. Here are the most popular video-sharing services are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion